Is the Amazfit Bip Lite the Top Budget Smartwatch?

The recently launched Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch by Amazfit is now available in India, priced at Rs. 3,999, offering a more budget-friendly option compared to the original Amazfit Bip, which was priced at Rs. 5,499. The key difference between the two is that the Bip Lite doesn’t come with integrated GPS + GLONASS. However, it boasts a battery life of up to 45 days on a single charge, as claimed by the manufacturer. Available on, the Amazfit Bip Lite promises an array of features and functionalities. In this review, we’ll delve into its specifications, features, design, and performance to determine if it’s the best fitness tracker within its price range.

Amazfit Bip Lite Review:

The market offers a wide array of budget-friendly smartwatches and fitness trackers, prompting a closer examination to determine the standout option. Among these choices is the Amazfit Bip Lite, which comes in three color variants: Pink, Blue, and Black. For the purpose of this review, we acquired and assessed the black color option of the Amazfit Bip Lite.

Review of Amazfit Bip Lite: Design and Specifications:

The Amazfit Bip Lite bears resemblance to its predecessor, the Amazfit Bip, but with a slimmer profile as if it shed some weight after hitting the gym. Sporting a squarish body face with bezels on all sides, it maintains the familiar design, with the logo situated at the bottom of the screen. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the 1.28-inch reflective always-on display stands out.

Visible at the back are the heart-rate sensor and charging points, while it comes with a silicone strap in the package, which can be swapped with other 20mm compatible bands. The watch-like clasp ensures a secure fit, reducing the risk of accidental slips.

Weighing just 32g, the Amazfit Bip Lite feels remarkably lightweight on the wrist, making it comfortable to wear even during sleep tracking. The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints at bay. Control is simplified with a single button on the right side, serving as the wake/back button, while navigation through the UI is achieved by swiping on the display.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Bip Lite comes with a proprietary charging dock, which also doubles as a stand. Its standout feature is the impressive battery life, lasting up to 45 days, making it a compelling choice for smartwatch enthusiasts.

Review of the Amazfit Bip Lite: Watch User Interface (UI) and Companion App:

The user interface (UI) on the smartwatch is designed with large fonts and icons, making navigation intuitive and easy to understand. While the viewing angles indoors are below average, the text and icons remain visible even under direct sunlight. The touchscreen is responsive, and we encountered no issues during use. It automatically disables itself after a few seconds to prevent accidental touches, but can easily be reactivated by pressing the button. Additionally, changing the watch skin can be done directly from the device.

Setting up and syncing the Amazfit Bip Lite requires the Amazfit app on your smartphone. The app, which shares similarities with the Xiaomi Mi Fit app, is user-friendly and efficiently syncs data between the watch and smartphone. The pairing process is quick, and data syncing is fast. Once connected, users can view information such as step count, sleep duration and quality, heart rate, and activity.

Within the app, users can adjust settings such as the frequency of heart rate detection, set alarms, and customize the watch’s display settings. While the app runs in the background, it does not noticeably impact battery life. Users can configure notifications to appear on the watch by selecting specific apps from a list, although direct replies to notifications are not supported.

Review of the Amazfit Bip Lite: Performance and Battery Life:

In a manner similar to our review process for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active back in mid-September, I’m now putting the performance of the Amazfit Bip Lite to the test. Beginning with the Step Counter, I meticulously counted 1,000 steps and cross-referenced this with the data recorded by the Amazfit Bip Lite, which displayed 1003 steps. This result impressed me, especially considering that the Galaxy Watch Active only registered 979 steps for the same activity. It’s evident that the Bip Lite is more accurate in step counting. Notably, the Bip Lite didn’t erroneously count steps while driving or biking, minimizing the margin of error significantly.

The heart rate monitor data mirrors that of the Galaxy Watch Active, indicating reliability in this aspect. Since the Bip Lite lacks GPS functionality, it relies entirely on the smartphone’s GPS for distance tracking. Given that we’re not evaluating smartphone GPS performance, we won’t delve into this aspect.

One of the standout features of the Amazfit Bip Lite is its ability to continuously track heart rate, with customizable intervals ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. Users can also configure alerts based on heart rate, pace, and distance covered across all activities. The Bip Lite accurately detects sleep and wake times, providing insights into deep and light sleep phases. While the accompanying app offers sleep quality analysis, it could be more comprehensive.

Regarding battery life, the Bip Lite claims a remarkable 45 days of backup. However, in our tests, which included enabling alarms, setting the heart rate monitor to a 1-minute interval, receiving call, message, and WhatsApp notifications, maintaining 60% brightness, and activating the sleep tracker, we achieved only 18 days of battery life. Despite falling short of the claimed duration, the Bip Lite still outperforms many other smartwatches, and with some adjustments, users can likely extend its battery life further.

Conclusion of Amazfit Bip Lite Review:

Amazfit left a positive impression on me with its notably improved battery life. It boasts a lightweight design that stays securely on the wrist even in challenging situations. Its step, sleep, and heart rate tracking capabilities deliver accurate data, comparable to pricier smartwatches. Moreover, the feature to receive smartphone notifications adds an extra layer of convenience. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch with long battery life and reliable activity tracking, Amazfit is worth considering. I trust you’ll find our review helpful; feel fr


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