Reviewing Noise Shots Sport: Is it the Top Affordable Alternative to AirPods?

The review for Noise Action SE is still pending, but this time we have the Noise Shots Sport in our hands, offering a wireless in-ear earbud experience with a plethora of features. Known for its value-for-money electronics, Go Noise boasts an extensive product range, including action cameras, smart bands/watches, earbuds, headphones, and mobile accessories. Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Competitive Pricing Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Despite having several options, we chose to focus on the Noise Shots Sport due to its compelling features, competitive pricing, and mixed reviews. Priced at just INR 2,499, we were able to save even more money by using coupon codes EXTRA100 and GOSMART during purchase.

We’ve been testing the Noise Shots Sport rigorously for the past 10 days since receiving it in the second-to-last week of September. After thorough examination and daily use, we’re ready to share our detailed review with you. If you’re interested, you can purchase the product using the provided link and apply the mentioned discount codes for additional savings.

Review of Noise Shots Sport (Currently Unavailable):

We opted to purchase from instead of Amazon due to the available discounts. We ordered three sets of Noise Shots Sport for individual testing and reviewing purposes. The packages arrived within 6-12 days and were in excellent condition upon receipt. Each package contained 1 pair of Noise Shots Sport Earbuds, 1 Charging Case, 1 USB Cable, additional Earbuds, and a User Manual/Document.

While Apple’s Airpods served as inspiration for these earbuds, I won’t be making direct comparisons as I don’t own Airpods and prefer focusing on value-for-money products. Let’s delve into the review of GoNoise Shots Sport without referencing Apple’s higher-priced AirPods.

Review of Noise Shots Sport: Design and Specifications:

The Noise Shots Sport earbuds are crafted from plastic and feature large buttons on each bud, sporting a tactile texture and a central LED indicator. Building upon the design of their predecessor, the Noise Shots, the Sport version introduces additional controls for enhanced functionality.

Out of the box, the earbuds activate automatically upon removal, simplifying the user experience. With intuitive controls, a double tap on the left bud adjusts the volume down, while the right bud adjusts it up. Long presses on either side navigate to the previous or next track, respectively. Furthermore, a triple tap summons the voice assistant. These upgrades mark a significant improvement over the previous version, offering users more control and convenience.

Affordable Alternative to AirPods

The Package Includes Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Impressively, the package includes a charging case constructed from sturdy metal, exuding a premium feel. The case features a pull-out tab, reminiscent of a cabinet drawer, which reveals two slots for securely housing the earbuds. Thanks to magnetic attachments, precise placement for charging is effortless.

While the overall design mirrors that of the original Shots, it remains appealing. However, it’s worth noting that the fit may vary depending on individual ear shapes. While the provided ear tips suited some users perfectly, others may encounter issues with fit, affecting the efficacy of passive noise cancellation.

Moving on to specifications, the Noise Shots Sport boasts 9.2mm drivers, an integrated microphone, and Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. With an advertised range of 15 meters, it offers 3 hours of battery life and can seamlessly connect to multiple devices. Additionally, it’s rated IPX4 sweatproof for active use. The charging case houses a 450mAh lithium-ion battery, providing ample power for on-the-go charging. With a standby time of 100 hours, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, catering to a wide user base.

Evaluation of Noise Shots Sport: Performance and Battery Longevity:

I conducted a thorough review of the Noise Shots Sport True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds using both a Nokia 6.1 Plus and a OnePlus 7T to assess their performance. While the earbuds connected quickly, their range fell short of the advertised maximum of 10 meters. Within this range, however, connectivity remained stable without any dropouts.

I tested the earbuds across a diverse playlist encompassing various genres, from bass-heavy tracks to vocal-focused and instrumental pieces, including Jazz and Hip-Hop. Notably, the 9.2 mm driver size resulted in subdued bass, affecting high notes’ depth. While this might not be problematic for casual listeners, enthusiasts may find it lacking.

Satisfactory: Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Clarity remained satisfactory up to around 70% volume, beyond which a loss in clarity and crispness was noticeable. At maximum volume, the sound became uncomfortably loud, sacrificing clarity. Hence, I recommend keeping the volume below 70-75% for an optimal listening experience with a wide soundstage and clear, rich sound.

However, the earbuds performed better with vocal-oriented tracks, offering improved clarity and richness, even at higher volumes. Nevertheless, during hands-free calling, the microphone’s positioning proved problematic, necessitating speaking louder than usual, resulting in additional background noise for the recipient.

Occasional Sound Lag:

Additionally, occasional sound lag, particularly evident when watching YouTube videos, was observed, though not a persistent issue. The controls were satisfactory, and the passive noise cancellation varied depending on the earbud fit.

Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Battery life

Regarding battery life, the earbuds required approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to charge fully, providing around 2 hours and 20 minutes of playback at 60% volume. However, the charging case proved impressive, capable of fully charging the Noise Shots Sport earbuds up to four times, mitigating concerns about battery life.

True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

In conclusion, the Noise Shots Sport True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds offer decent performance with some notable drawbacks, such as limited bass depth, microphone positioning issues, and occasional sound lag. However, their charging case provides excellent support, ensuring extended usage without significant battery concerns.


– Quick connectivity

– Stable connection within range

– Decent clarity and richness, especially with vocal-oriented tracks

– Impressive charging case providing extended battery life


– Subdued bass

– Microphone positioning requires speaking louder, leading to extra background noise

– Occasional sound lag, particularly noticeable during video playback

Final Thoughts on the Noise Shots Sport:

The Noise Shots Sport is often touted as an alternative to AirPods, but it falls short of being the best option. Many users have voiced complaints about these earbuds, noting that they often fail within a short period, sometimes lasting only 15 days to a month. My personal experience aligns with this sentiment, as one out of the three Noise Shots Sport I ordered stopped working after just three days, though fortunately, it was replaced promptly. This underscores the importance of swift action when encountering issues; replacing a faulty unit can lead to a satisfactory experience with a new one.

Affordable Alternative to AirPods

Conclusion: Affordable Alternative to AirPods

In conclusion, despite its drawbacks, the Noise Shots Sport offers a compelling package at a relatively affordable price of INR 2,499. It boasts features like a truly wireless setup, decent battery life, appealing design, comfortable fit, and passable sound quality. For those seeking a budget-friendly alternative to AirPods or in search of truly wireless earbuds, the Noise Shots Sport could be a viable option. That wraps up today’s review. Keep visiting, keep sharing, and have a great day ahead.


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