Review of Realme Buds Air Pro: Affordable Active Noise Cancellation:

Realme entered the audio gadgets market with products that initially didn’t stand out as top-tier. However, they gradually introduced a range of affordable wired Realme Buds. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has been steadily building a diverse portfolio encompassing wired, wireless, and true wireless headsets. Among its latest offerings is the Realme Buds Air Pro, which represents its highest-priced earphones to date.

Comparable to the Oppo Enco W51, these wireless earphones retail for over Rs. 4k and boast features that are usually found in higher-priced models. Despite their reasonable price, they come equipped with active noise cancellation and app support.

While the specifications sound impressive, how do they perform in real-world usage? Find out in our comprehensive review at We Observed, where we delve into the functionality and user experience of the Realme Buds Air Pro.

Realme Buds Air Pro

Review of the Realme Buds Air Pro:

Over time, it has made notable advancements in its audio product lineup, particularly evident in the evolution of this Buds . One significant improvement lies in its design, featuring a comfortable and secure in-canal fit, enhancing user comfort and overall experience.

Moreover, the Realme Buds Air Pro boasts an IPX4 water resistance rating, ensuring durability against water splashes and sweat during daily use. Its audio performance is driven by a 10mm driver, delivering exceptional sound quality across various genres. These enhancements collectively contribute to an impressive audio experience for users.

Design and Technical Requirements:

The Realme Buds Air Pro distinguishes itself from its predecessors, the Buds Air and Buds Air Neo, with a superior in-canal design that ensures a comfortable and secure fit in the ear. Available in glossy white and black versions, these wireless earbuds offer both style and functionality.

While the case may appear slightly larger than previous models, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable. The magnetic materials surrounding the lid ensure a tight closure, providing added security for the earbuds.

On the right side of the Realme Buds is the pairing button, accompanied by an indicator light on the front that displays the charging status of the case.

Each earpiece is equipped with three microphones:

Each earpiece is equipped with three microphones, with two dedicated to active noise cancellation (ANC) and one for clear voice calls. This setup ensures effective noise cancellation and optimal call quality.

This Buds features touch sensors on the outer part of the earbuds, allowing for convenient tap-based controls. Through the Realme Link app, users can customize these controls to their preference, assigning functions such as playback control, ANC adjustment, activating voice assistants, and more.

Additionally, the Realme Link app offers valuable features such as monitoring battery levels for each earpiece, changing noise modes, and activating specialized modes like Bass Boost, Volume Enhancement, and Game Mode. This comprehensive app enhances the overall user experience and functionality of the Realme Buds Air Pro.

Efficiency in Operation and Battery Performance:

The experience of using the Realme Buds Air Pro is quite satisfying, especially for those seeking true wireless earphones with impressive features. These earbuds offer good sound quality and exceed expectations, marking a notable advancement for Realme products.

Compared to the Oppo Enco W51, the Realme Buds Air Pro may not provide as much detail in sound reproduction, but they offer a comfortable fit that feels secure.

Realme Buds Air Pro

The Realme Buds Air Pro is commendable:

The active noise cancellation feature of this Buds is commendable, performing slightly better than other earbuds in the same price range.

Battery life is average, but the fast charging capability of the case is a notable perk. With just 10 minutes of charging, you can enjoy three hours of playback time, and a full charge takes between 1 to 2 hours for both the case and earphones. With moderate sound levels and active noise cancellation activated, the earphones can last for up to four hours per charge, providing a total of 16 hours of battery life per cycle. Overall, the Realme Buds Air Pro offer a compelling combination of features for their price point.

Final Thoughts on Realme Buds Air Pro:

The Realme Buds Air Pro stands out as a truly wireless earphone that exceeds expectations, particularly when compared to other entry-level audio products in the Realme lineup. With few notable drawbacks aside from average sound quality, this device impresses across various aspects, from its sleek design to its effective active noise cancellation (ANC) capabilities.

Realme Buds Air Pro

The ANC may not be flawless:

While the ANC may not be flawless, it still shows promise, especially considering its affordability. In a market where leading brands often charge exorbitant prices for similar features, Realme disrupts the landscape by offering a compelling option for budget-conscious consumers and even challenging pricier branded earbuds with its sub-Rs. 5000 price point.

In summary, this Buds presents a compelling choice for those seeking a functional true wireless earbud without breaking the bank. While it may not boast groundbreaking features, it delivers solid battery life, reliable ANC, and all the essential qualities expected from quality true wireless earphones.


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