Review of the Nebula Capsule II: A Smart Mini Projector Powered by Android.

The Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector from Anker proves that the brand’s excellence extends beyond audio devices. In our comprehensive Nebula Capsule II Projector Review, we explore its compact design, Android app support, and impressive performance. Despite being just slightly larger than a Coca-Cola can, this Smart Mini Projector offers incredible capabilities.

In this review, we delve into every aspect, from its design and specifications to compatibility and performance. By the end of this article, you’ll have a thorough understanding of whether the Nebula Capsule II is worth the investment. So, let’s uncover whether this innovative projector lives up to its reputation.

A Smart Mini Projector

Reviewing the Nebula Capsule II: A Smart Mini Projector Evaluation:

Anker, renowned for its premium audio devices, chargers, power banks, and a diverse range of electronic products, has now expanded its offerings to include high-quality projectors. Among them, the Nebula Capsule II stands out as a top-tier projector designed to effortlessly enhance your movie-watching experience. Boasting unique features such as universal connectivity, instant clarity, radiant viewing, and voice activation, this projector is sure to impress. Available in sleek black, it can be purchased on, Anker’s official website, and A freelance colleague from the UK recently acquired one and graciously shared her insights, which we’ll delve into in this review of the Anker Nebula Capsule II.

Create Design and Specification:

The Nebula Capsule II stands out from its bulkier counterpart, the Anker Nebula 500 Mars, with its lightweight and compact design. As the smallest projector in its class, it’s tailor-made for travel, easily fitting into even the smallest of bags.

One notable feature of the Nebula Capsule II is its wraparound speaker grilles, which serve a dual purpose, functioning both as a projector and a speaker. The device boasts a user-friendly interface with a set of buttons placed conveniently around its body, ensuring effortless control. Located midway up the rear of the projector are the power and Bluetooth activation buttons.

Terms of Connectivity:

In terms of connectivity, the Nebula Capsule II offers versatility with its USB-C charging port, compatible with modern phone chargers, and a full-size HDMI port as an alternative option. This combination allows for powering the device and connecting dongles like the Amazon Fire TV Stick while on the go.

Included with the projector are two control options. The first is built-in capacitive controls, sensitive to even the slightest touch. The second is a convenient remote control provided in the box, offering additional functionalities such as input switching, Google Assistant activation, navigation controls for Android TV, and a microphone for voice commands, enabling users to interact with on-screen elements effortlessly.

Key Specifications of the Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector include a 720p HD picture resolution (1280 x 720), a 9700mAh battery providing up to 3 hours of video playback or 30 hours of music playback, an 8W speaker, vibrant 200 ANSI lumens picture brightness, and an operating system based on Android TV 9.0 with access to over 3600 apps. Other features include 1-second autofocus, compact dimensions measuring 3.2 x 3.2 x 5.9 inches (8 x 8 x 15cm), and a weight of 24oz (680g).

A Smart Mini Projector

Evaluation of the Anker Nebula Capsule A Smart Mini Projector Performance:

Using the Nebula Capsule II Projector offers a seamless experience overall. With its straightforward setup, user-friendly interface, and impressive sound quality, it stands out among its peers. However, its effectiveness is largely confined to dimly lit environments, where it can deliver a sharp and vibrant image. Despite this limitation, it excels as a portable projector, boasting convenient smartphone control and integration with Google Assistant via its remote.

The device’s battery life, while not exceptional, is satisfactory for casual use, providing around three hours of video playback with its 9,700 mAh capacity. Nonetheless, its lack of support for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime is a notable drawback. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it prone to tipping over, posing a potential inconvenience during presentations or movie screenings, particularly in crowded settings.

Google Assistant Feature: A Smart Mini Projector

Yet, the Nebula Capsule II compensates for these shortcomings with its Google Assistant feature, enabling users to effortlessly search for various content, including TV shows, recipes, and more. Furthermore, it facilitates access to forecasts, sports scores, and the option to purchase and stream movies and shows via the Google Play Store.

Considering its overall performance and versatility, the Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector offers good value for money. It proves particularly useful for outdoor gatherings, group presentations, and similar occasions, garnering favorable ratings from users.

Instructions for installing Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos on Capsule II:

To begin, download the NEBULA MANAGER app from the Play Store. Once installed, utilize it to install both the Netflix and Prime Video apps conveniently. Add NEBULA MANAGER to your favorites and proceed to customize your channel according to your preferences. Following these steps, you’ll find both Netflix and Prime Video readily accessible on your home page. That’s all there is to it!

A Smart Mini Projector

What is the present cost of the Nebula Capsule II miniature projector?

As of April 5, 2023, you can find it priced at £511.95 on Keep in mind that its availability is limited across online platforms and its price tends to vary regularly. For the best deal, consider checking the prices on official websites, offline stores, and Amazon to ensure you get the most favorable offer.

Final Thoughts on the Nebula Capsule II:

While the Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector may have some drawbacks, they are outweighed by its versatility and mobility. This smart projector is perfect for individuals on the go who enjoy both watching movies and listening to music. With the Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector available on Amazon, users can not only enjoy cinematic experiences but also immerse themselves in audio entertainment. Without hesitation, it’s a worthwhile investment. For more reviews, feel free to explore our other recommendations.


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