Sony WF-C500: An Ideal Partner:

As headphone jacks become increasingly obsolete in the era of mobile phones, the demand for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds has surged. These wireless earbuds offer not only convenience but also freedom from tangled wires, making them a popular choice for sound entertainment and connectivity.

Sony, renowned for its high-quality audio products, enters the competitive TWS market with its latest offering, the Sony WF-C500. With a history of delivering exceptional sound experiences, Sony aims to carve a niche in this crowded market. However, in a landscape brimming with options, does the Sony WF-C500 live up to the brand’s legacy? Let’s delve deeper to find out.

Review of Sony WF C500:

For music enthusiasts, Sony’s budget-friendly earbuds boast a sleek design that ensures a comfortable fit and delivers decent sound quality, complemented by a user-friendly control app. However, they fall short in comparison to competitors due to the absence of active noise cancellation. Despite their sturdy construction and comfortable fit, the Sony WF-C500 lacks certain features that might sway potential buyers. Supporting both AAC and SBC formats and featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, these earbuds provide versatility but suffer from occasional sound latency issues.

Battery Life:

The WF-C500 boasts a 10-hour battery life on a single charge, with an additional 10 hours of charge available from the case. However, in a market where a 20-hour battery life is commonplace among its competitors, this offering may not stand out, especially considering its price point. The earbuds feature reminders for charging after every 10 hours of use, and since the earbuds may discharge at different rates, users may receive multiple warnings during extended usage periods.

During charging, the buds are indicated by orange LEDs, with a similar LED on the case showing the remaining charge. While the WF-C500 includes a small USB-A to USB-C cable, it lacks a power adapter and wireless charging capabilities. Nevertheless, a quick 10-minute charge can provide an additional hour of playback time.

Craftsmanship and Construction Standards:

Sony has excelled in design simplicity, ensuring that their latest wireless earbuds, the WF-C500, offer both comfort and functionality to users. With a bean-shaped design perfectly tailored to fit the ears, these buds provide a snug fit ideal for long hours of use, whether during workouts or commutes.

Despite lacking touch controls, the WF-C500 features conveniently placed push buttons in a compact design, ensuring ease of use. Additionally, they boast a microphone for seamless call handling. At a mere 5.4g per earbud, these truly wireless stereo (TWS) buds feel incredibly lightweight, exerting minimal pressure on the ears.

Complementing the buds, the charging case is sturdy and well-built, promising durability. It securely houses the buds while charging them. Available in four distinct colors, including elegant white and black, as well as eye-catching orange and green, Sony caters to various style preferences.

Furthermore, with an IPX4 rating, the WF-C500 offers resistance to water splashes and sweat, making them suitable for active lifestyles. However, it’s worth noting that they’re not designed for submersion in water.


The Sony WF-C500 employs Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which may seem somewhat outdated compared to some competitors that have adopted Bluetooth 5.2 at a similar price point. However, this choice doesn’t significantly impact its performance, as it delivers smooth connectivity and maintains a dependable, stable wireless link. It supports simultaneous left and right Bluetooth transmission and offers compatibility with Android, iOS, PC, and Mac devices through swift pair connection.

Operating Functions and Mic of Sony WF-C500:

Here’s a paraphrased version:

Each earbud has a set of functions accessible through different press counts. For the left earbud, one press raises the volume or accepts/hangs up a call, while the right earbud plays/pauses or accepts/hangs up a call. With two presses on either bud, you can skip to the next sound clip, while three presses allow you to go to the previous one. Pressing and holding either bud lowers the volume or rejects a call on the left, and rejects a call or activates the voice assistant on the right. Both earbuds feature omnidirectional microphones for decent sound quality, though some background noise might be audible, making it advisable to be in a quiet environment for calls.

Evaluation of Sony WF-C500: Sound Performance Analysis:

Sony’s WF-C500 earbuds are making waves in the industry with their exceptional audio quality. Featuring 5.8mm dynamic drivers, these buds deliver impressive bass that packs a punch, while maintaining clarity in the mids where every note, including those from guitars, is beautifully detailed. The treble is crisp, though some listeners might find it slightly pronounced, especially at higher volumes.

Having extensively tested the WF-C500 across various genres, it’s evident that Sony has prioritized an open and immersive soundstage. Throughout our sessions, we experienced no difficulty in pinpointing the direction of each sound, a testament to the earbuds’ spatial audio capabilities. Overall, Sony has delivered an earbud that excels in audio reproduction, making the WF-C500 a standout choice for discerning listeners.

Application for Sony headphones connectivity:

To improve the audio experience on your WF-C500 earbuds, consider downloading a particular app, especially since these earbuds do not feature active noise cancellation. The app includes a technology known as DSEE (DIGITAL SOUND ENHANCEMENT ENGINE), which aims to prevent audio compression and enhance the sound quality to resemble that of a studio. While it doesn’t fully compensate for the absence of aptX, this app can significantly enhance your listening experience.

Cost of Sony WF-C500:

Navigating the market for true wireless earbuds can be a challenging task, both for companies aiming to stand out and for customers seeking the perfect balance of features and affordability. Priced at 5990 Rs, Sony’s WF-C500 true wireless earbuds represent the company’s earnest endeavor to carve a niche in a highly competitive segment. While the allure of owning a Sony product at this price point is undeniable, it’s important to note that compromises may need to be made on certain features to align with the budget-friendly nature of the offering.

Is purchasing the Sony WF-C500 advisable?:

If you’re looking for a truly remarkable sound experience without breaking the bank, the WF-C500 earbuds from Sony are definitely worth considering. With superior sound quality and a design that’s both sleek and sturdy, they stand out among their competitors. For music enthusiasts seeking a pair of earbuds that seamlessly integrate into their daily routine without sacrificing comfort, these are an excellent choice. However, if you prioritize clear voice calls and effective noise cancellation, you might want to explore other options that offer enhanced features in those areas.

Final Assessment of Sony WF-C500: A Review:

The WF-C500 earbuds come at a competitive price point compared to similar offerings from various brands. To truly distinguish themselves, companies need to elevate their product placement and marketing strategies. Sony has made significant efforts to maximize the potential of the WF-C500 earbuds, focusing on delivering excellent sound quality. However, they fall short in comparison to competitors by lacking key features such as active noise control, transparency mode, and automatic pause when removing the buds. Nevertheless, these earbuds remain an excellent budget-friendly choice, particularly given Sony’s reputation in the market.


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